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The Toy Story saga is Pixar's crowning glory, ushering in a new era of computer animation while holding onto the heartwarming charm of classic animations. Whether you're all in for every sequel and Disney+ short or just here for the original, Toy Story's vibe is undeniably captivating. 

This universal charm makes Toy Story an ideal theme for any celebration - be it a kid's birthday, Halloween bash, baby shower, or a fan watch party. It's one of those rare themes that dazzle both young and older guests alike. Here’s your guide to hosting a Toy Story-themed party that'll be remembered for lightyears to come!

Invitations to Infinity...and Beyond!
Kick off the excitement with themed invites featuring fan-favorite characters. Make sure to include all the essential party details and an RSVP instruction to keep track of your guest list. 

Dress Up for Adventure

Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite Toy Story characters. With the franchise's wide array of personalities, finding or creating a costume should be a breeze - from Woody and Buzz to Hamm and Bo Peep getups.

Unforgettable Party Favors
Toy Story shirts, cowboy hats, and bandanas make for memorable favors that add to the party's vibe. Consider including Toy Story balloons, mini figurines, stickers, and DIY Forky craft supplies in favor bags for the ultimate takeaway.

Decor That Brings the Story to Life
Transform your space into Andy's room or Pizza Planet with vibrant decorations, balloon garlands, and life-sized character cutouts. Use Toy Story-themed tableware and centerpieces to immerse guests fully into the Toy Story universe.

Treats & Sips from Andy's Room
Delight guests with Mr. Potato Head cookies, character cupcakes, and a show-stopping Toy Story-themed cake. Offer a mix of classic movie snacks and creative beverages like bright green martian drinks or a kid-friendly Prospector’s Punch.

Games & Activities for All Ages

From a Toy Story piñata to character-themed games of charades and Pictionary (Etch-a-Sketch style), keep the party lively with interactive fun. Crafting Forky toys or enjoying a movie marathon can also be great ways to entertain guests of all ages.
Embrace the joy and nostalgia of Toy Story to create a party that's both playful and memorable. With these ideas, you're well on your way to planning a Toy Story bash that's sure to impress guests from this galaxy to the next. Ready to make your party legendary? Explore our cutout options to add that extra wow factor!

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