Easter in Wonderland Spring Bash


Customize your celebration, your way!

Easter in Wonderland Spring Bash

Hey there, party people! Guess what? You've perfectly timed your arrival, absolutely no "running late for this crucial bash" vibes here! Dive into the kaleidoscope of fun that's the Easter in Wonderland shindig. Yours truly is on deck to lead the way through this bash that's a blast for any occasion – think spring flings, bridal showers, or birthday extravaganzas!


Kick Things Off with Invites That Pop 

Getting creative with invites is a total mood booster. We’re talking about snazzy round plastic boxes, popping with a printable lid design and an invite that screams fun. And inside? A cute wooden bunny rocking a raffia bow, a chic silver key, and faux flowers for days. Plus, a chocolate carrot that's got "family favorite" written all over it.


A Fairytale Feast for the Eyes 

We left the light barnwood table au naturel to let its grain do all the talking, jazzed up with a cotton runner in a snazzy black and white harlequin vibe. This setup is all about bringing the Wonderland magic, paired with flowers galore. Think cabbage roses and tulips meeting lavender – a floral fantasy!



And, of course, we’ve got preserved moss and bunny cutouts to nail that garden party aesthetic.

Window Wonders and Whimsical Decor 

Above the feast, we hung painted frames that vibe with the Easter theme, all suspended like magic. Plus, a vintage clock face adds that timeless touch. 


Central to the table, a pink cake stand with a show-stopping grey felt top hat turns heads. Adorned with spring ribbons, silk roses, and extravagant ostrich feathers, it’s a centerpiece that’s all about fun.

Magical Place Settings 

The table settings are a dream, with silver chargers and scalloped plates setting the stage. A pop of color comes from a fluffy pink feather at each setting, because why not?


And for a sweet treat, there’s a white chocolate bunny and a surprise-filled Easter egg perched on a chic cupcake stand.


Tea Time with a Tiny Guest

 Spot the tiny Dormouse all dolled up for tea? She’s a scene-stealer in her pink tulle and bunny ears. Pass her a crumpet; she’s got quite the reach from her teapot perch!


Beverage Bottles with a Twist 

Serve up drinks in glass milk bottles with metallic straws that burst into feathered delights. And don’t miss the chocolate carrots and the charming bottle wraps from the free Easter Printable Package.


Cart of Curiosities 

This white cart is styled to the nines for Easter in Wonderland, brimming with cherry lemonade and cute messages. It’s a standout piece that deserves its own spotlight.


Desserts for Days


The dessert spread is a royal affair with crystal stands, white chocolate bunnies, and hand-scripted Easter greetings. 

Vanilla cupcakes, brownie bites, and an array of macarons and meringues dazzle, especially when set on crystal cake stands that sparkle with every light catch.


Dessert Table Drama


Adding to the dessert wonder are small decorative touches, like a saucer under a glass cloche or a tiny pitcher brimming with blooms. 

Giant roses and ivy-covered walls transport you straight to Wonderland, making for an unforgettable garden adventure.


Wonderland Awaits Outdoors


If this indoor Wonderland has you enchanted, just wait till you see the garden! More whimsical decor, treats, and even a croquet game await to keep the party hopping.


Let's get this Wonderland party started and make it a bash to remember!

Let's create your dream party together!

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