Our backdrop is fabric. We have two types of fabric materials: Econ Polyester and Pro Polyester.
If you want vinyl, please contact us.
The short side can be up to 300 cm, long side unlimited.
It's for both indoor and outdoor.
It can be washed and ironed, with no creases issues. You can fold it, and it's easy to carry.
The pole pocket at the top is available.
For Econ Polyester or Pro Polyester, you can use a steam iron to heat the backdrop's back with low temperature.
For Econ Vinyl, you can try to roll it up tightly with the tube and waiting for 1-2 days.
Note: You cannot remove the creases of Econ Vinyl material entirely. This method can make the crease lighter.
With standard shipping, it takes:
7-15 working days to the United States.
15-30 working days to Europe, Asia.
25-60 working days to the rest of the world.
If you are anxious to get the package, please choose fast express. With fast express, we can boost it to 5-7 working days to the United States.
If you only want a simple modification, you could order it directly with notes.
Otherwise, you can send more info size to our email: support@globalego.cn.
Our designers will design for you.
You will get previews before production.
You can upload the pictures and ideas to our specific custom item and place the order.
Same as above, if you have much more to tell us, send them to email: support@globalego.cn.
Our designers will try to design for you.
You will get previews before production.
You can send the file to our email: support@globalego.cn
All standard image files are welcome: JPG / TIF / PSD / AI.
If the file is huge, we also accept any web transfer ways like Google Drive.
Provide the best quality image you could. Otherwise, the print will be blurry.
Please see the description of the About size on the page footer for details.
NO, only the backdrop. We provide the stand separately.
Don't hesitate to contact us! Send email to support@globalego.cn.
We will give you a satisfactory solution.
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