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About Size


In addition to the beautiful favorite background image when choosing backdrop, you also need to consider the size.

Our stores showcase several of the more common sizes, ranging from 3ft to 20ft for each product.

If these sizes do not meet your needs, you can contact us to customize your exclusive size

 If you have doubts when choosing a size, you can refer to the following situations:

  •  Full-body or waist-up?

If you are using for full body photography, in order to show better results, we recommend that you consider the choice of mopping backdrops, or room backdrops.

  • How many people do you plan to photograph?

1-2 People = 5ft wide
2-4 People = 6ft-8ft wide
4+ People = 8ft-10ft wide
Extra Large Groups = 20ft
Big Event= Custom bigger wide