Easter Wonderland Outdoor Bash with Kid-Friendly Croquet

Customize your celebration, your way!

Easter Wonderland Outdoor Bash with Kid-Friendly Croquet 

Spring's the time to throw an epic Easter Wonderland party outdoors, mixing the magic of an enchanted garden with whimsy tea party vibes and, naturally, some cute white rabbits! 

Carve Out Your Party Zone with Style

Get set for an afternoon filled with tea, treats, and laughter in your own backyard. A stylish wood paneled fence with fancy scrollwork details marks your party spot, hiding anything you’d rather not show. Yellow chenille armchairs from inside bring the wild and whimsical to your Easter tea party setup. Scour your home for items that could add a fun twist to your party décor – those armchairs? Straight from my living room to the party!

Fun Frames and Bird Cages Make for Vibrant Decor 

Brightly painted ornate frames and bird cages in shades of teal, lavender, black, and pink get extra flair from coral ostrich feathers and faux flowers.

Add some harlequin and lively spring ribbons for that festive touch. 

Set some frames near your sitting area, complete with clocks and bird cages stuffed with colorful blooms, ready for those photo-op moments. 
Dot around some preserved moss for that just-sprung-from-the-garden feel.

Sweet Treats and Tea Party Essentials 

On a quaint table covered with lace, delectable Queen of Heart’s shaped cakes await under a pristine glass cake stand, sprinkled with pastel delights. 

Charming birdcages display vintage teacups and vivid flowers, while a pearlescent pink vase bursts with springy pink tulips and another ostrich feather.

A dish overflowing with raspberry and blackberry candies sits alongside Easter eggs full of surprises, hidden around for the kiddos to discover.

Stacked wine boxes from my decor collection are topped with another bird cage, this time featuring a small pedestal stand and a wooden bunny, surrounded by a flourish of faux flowers and ribbons.

DIY Decor with a Wonderland Twist 

Spotted another piece of Wonderland whimsy? I love upcycling bottles into themed decor, like this one painted with chalk paint and aged with wax, adorned with moss, crystals, trims, and flowers. A "Drink Me" tag adds the final touch to this beverage-safe bottle, ready to impress your guests. 

Mini Croquet for Mini Guests 

No need for magical potions to shrink or grow – we've got a croquet set that's just right for the little ones! With its shockingly pink frame, adorned with ribbon and flowers (and yes, more ostrich feathers), it's sure to be a hit. The playful “Do You Play Croquet?” sign rounds off the setup. 

Dive into the fun of creating your own Easter Wonderland party, focusing on the unique details that make for memorable moments.

Let's create your dream party together!

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