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Dive into crafting the cutest Ice Cream Smash Cake, bursting with soft, fluffy confetti layers, frosted in dreamy Tiffany blue, and crowned with a pink chocolate drip, sprinkles, and the cutest melting ice cream cake pop on top! Whip this up as a petite smash cake or go big with a full-sized masterpiece. Both promise equal levels of cuteness and deliciousness!

This cake was a dream come true for my niece's first birthday smash cake. The party was a blast, and the cake? It was the star of the show, turning out just as we hoped.

I went all out, making extra batter for not just the cake pop but also additional pops for guests and some confetti cupcakes to toast my sister's recent birthday. Both the cake and its cake pop companion are a treat on their own but together, they're a match made in dessert heaven.

Why You'll Love This Recipe
The vanilla cake base is a personal favorite, refined over time from my brown sugar spice cake adventure. It's the foundation for most of my non-chocolate creations. For that perfect confetti look, I aimed for a pristine white cake, tweaking it with granulated sugar, cake flour for added moisture, and a touch of oil for softness. This cake nails the fluffy and moist duo, with a sprinkle of jimmies for a party in every bite!

The frosting is a simple, whipped vanilla American buttercream, punched up with plenty of vanilla for that rich flavor beyond just sweetness. Opting for sky blue gives it a fun, vibrant twist, inspired by my favorite bakery's celebration cake.

The design? Surprisingly simple. Halve the waffle cones, attach the cake with candy glue, dip, sprinkle, and set. The assembly creates a wonderfully whimsical cake that’s as easy as it is delightful.

Key Ingredients & How-to
Cake flour magic: DIY with cornstarch and all-purpose flour to create the perfect base. Fresh baking powder and sea salt bring out the flavors.

Buttery goodness: European butter ensures less water content for the ideal texture. Blend with granulated sugar, a room-temperature egg, a hint of oil for moisture, and pure vanilla extract for depth. Whole milk enriches the cake, while classic jimmies add the confetti flair.

For the frosting, classic vanilla buttercream gets a pop of color with sky blue gel food coloring, but feel free to customize the hue.

Candy melts in pink (lightened with white) coat the cake pop and drip, with waffle cones (sliced with a serrated knife) serving as the "ice cream" holder.

Making the Smash Cake

Prep the frosting first for deeper color. Reserve some for the cake pop, coloring optional.
Sift, whisk, and mix your dry ingredients. Cream butter and sugar, then incorporate egg, oil, and vanilla, followed by the dry mix and milk alternately.
Fold in the sprinkles, bake in 4” pans (or an 8x8 or 9x9 for a larger cake), and let cool.
Frost, chill, and add the drip. Create the cake pop, attach to a cone, dip, sprinkle, and place atop the chilled, frosted cake.
Extra Tips and FAQs

Full-sized cake adaptation: Triple the recipe. For the ice cream cone effect, trim extra from the cake layers or bake a bit in a separate pan for the cake ball.
DIY Cake Flour: Mix cornstarch and all-purpose flour, sift twice.
Sprinkle selection: Stick with jimmies or nonpareils, avoiding large or hard sprinkles for the best texture.
Whether you’re celebrating a first birthday or just in the mood for something fun and festive, this Ice Cream Drip Cake is a show-stopping centerpiece that's sure to dazzle and delight!
Let's create your dream party together!

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